02 Sep 12 at 4 pm

You are a cinemaaaaaaaa, I could watch you foreverrrrr

You are a cinemaaaaaaaa, I could watch you foreverrrrr

Love to see people finally get what’s coming to them. Kharma comes back around :)

Too happy right now for my own good, love being independant and living with my baby, everythings slotting together and with this new job wow. Finally got the job doing what I’ve always wanted to do, what I’ve worked so hard for over the past 2/3 years and I cannot wait to start and reeping in the rewarding feeling and helping other make such a good change in their lives :D

just want to say thanks a fucking lot for fucking me up so much

so many things from my past seem to come back to haunt me, and its all of your shit, trying to ruin every good thing i have

Nandos date with my man after a hard day shopping for the house, peri peri chicken come to me!

Life hasn’t been this good for I don’t know how long. I can safely say that these past few months have been the happiest ever and have made me look forward to the future, getting a good job, looking after the house and having fun with my man.

So excited, after tonight ill be in Newquay with my man
I love my boy

Babbling on all the time lately but wow I am one lucky girl
Had such a nice night tonight, and now just counting down the days until friday so I can get off to newquay for the weekend with my man :D

Highlight of my day will be my baby coming home from work to give me the tlc I have needed all day
Feeling better already knowing ill be getting loves :*
Best boyfriend ever

7 years today Nan, RIP love you xxxxxx